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Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen

B. Iden Payne Theater & Online - Austin, TX

NOV 2020

Director: Andrea Hart

Production Design: Logan Smith

Scenery: Chris Conard

Costume: Court Rogers

Lighting: Ron Collins

Photos: Logan Smith

"This coming-of-age story follows a group of middle-schoolers who lose the ability to play. At the start of seventh grade, Harlequin, Shoebill, Cygnet and Finch are as close as can be. United by a shared fantasy life and bird nicknames, they’re positive they know everything about their world.  None of them are prepared for the moment when their games stop being real, overshadowed by the new monsters of illness, grades, and crushes.  As one by one, they lose the safety of their imagined space, their tight-knit group fractures under the pressure to fit in, find love, and group up."

- Show Playbill


The Original production of Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen was going to be an in person, live show featuring a beautiful set in the style of a funky playground designed by Chris Conard. Projections were going to fill the space and integrate into the scenery seamlessly (see original renderings). 

This production was shifted because of the global pandemic to an online only version that tried to combat the zoom boxes by overlaying the common boxes, with pre-filmed performances so actors could be without masks, onto a live, multicam edit of the real show. For the sake of our production timeline and recourses, the composite was done in post but it still gave off a similar effect to a love show with visible actor performances to a more conventional show.

To get these maskless performances, we set up individual green screen studios for the actors so so that we could be Covid Safety compliant and get real facial performances from the actors. 


There were also some experiments with realtime graphics to add some fantastical moments to the show, specifically in the bird scenes. You can see in the hignlight video and in one of the pictures that there are some very interesting effects that go on here but as with some experiments, it ended up looking more out of place than integrated into the show. A bummer but happy to have the opportunity to give it a shot. 

I was able to utilize my skills in multicam production to give advice to our student camera director and integrate our graphics to overlay and punch up the projections. 

Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen Full Show
Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen Moment Wi
Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen Full Show
Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen Full Show
Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen Full Show
Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen Full Show

Behind the Scenes Photos

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