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Centennial, CO

Sept 2017 - Aug 2018

I have done technical direction for TV before but not in a news setting. I didn't even think I would be working in news after college but it seemed to line up perfectly. As the name suggests, WeatherNation is a TV weather network just like it's competitor the Weather Channel. Shows are pushed to affiliates all over the continental U.S. and the Caribbean over DIRECTV, Dish and various instant players like Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

The work I do consists of 5 minute segments that air live 3 times an hour (6 shows an hour if there are regional forecasts). We have to create a show that the producer builds in a matter of  10 minutes or less. Whether it's live TV or a live production, every second counts. 

One 5 Min Hit Timelapse

Studio Walkthrough

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