This is Our Youth

Lighting and Sound Design

Fall 2016

Lighting in this found space (my old college house basement) had unique opportunities to light a set.


Act 1 consisted of two lamps upstage with a small overhead light above the audience. There was also another desk lamp on the same corner shelf where the camera was positioned. 

Act 2 was solely lit by 2 flood lights positioned outside the house shooting through the two basement windows. This gave an unbelievably realistic effect and left several audience members jarred by the fact it was nighttime outside.

The sound design also presented creative opportunities. Behind the record player was a small bluetooth speaker connected to my laptop that played music mixed to sound as if it was from the vinyl record player. From a separate output, the bass amplifier played phone rings that was so perfect directionally that it even fooled the actors.

Full video of performance
Act 2 - 41:50
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