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The Tiny Banger

Trinity St. Theater - Austin, TX

DEC 2018

Playwrite: Lane Stanley

Direction: Adam Sussman

Media: Logan Smith

Sound: Jessica Sell

Photos: Logan Smith

Set in current day Austin, TX, a homeless man, named the Dope Fiend, stumbles upon a a homeless kid and take them in. One of the quirks of this story is the use of silent film era tropes like scrolling video, dialogue titles, and a live piano.

The concept came from old Buster Keaton silent films. Connected through homelessness, we wanted to pay homage to the old silent films while also telling a story of a current Austin homeless person. We were able to use real Austin locations, shot in stills, and were able to create more than 80 lines of dialogue titles for the performance. Having most of the story be told through these vignettes and supertitles made for a deeply engaging and thought provoking performance.

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