Spring Dance Concert '17

Projections and Photography

Spring 2017

I designed projections for the American Lullaby section of the performance. Creating content that was mapped onto moving platforms and sliding flats lent itself to a lot of challenges but that looked stunning in the act.

Three 12 foot tall flats made the most of my projections with a collage of old, ancestral photos of the cast's families floating by as the backing track spits anger at the current administration. Which held a lot of emotional energy as the cast drifted in front of and in between the flats. The flats were pushed into position in between tracks and a large, sliding staircase was pushed over and stood up to resemble a wall that the dancers gracefully climbed over. 

It was a fun piece to design for and one that made me feel like I designed for a purpose and not just to add flash to a production. There is a full night production of the piece happening soon also featuring more of my work.

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