Spring Awakening: The Musical

Oscar Brockett Theater - Austin, TX

NOV 2019

Director: Anna Skidis Vargas

Choreographer: Jessica Pena

Scenic: Tucker Goodman

Costumes: Stephanie Fisher

Lighting: Bill Rios

Media: Logan Smith

Photos: Logan Smith

Though taking place in the late 1800's, this punk rock musical can still apply to the burden and hurt of present day youth. Imagery took the form of sketchy, jagged, chalk style imagery to display the inner emotions of the characters in a spectacular fashion. It took 4 highpowered projectors, 8 televisions and a nest of cable to paint the set with drawings.

Taking inspiration from the small drawings in the corner of school notebooks. The musical numbers were brought to life with jagged, textured text and emotive, simple drawings. Juxtaposing these childish, punk-rock style artwork with period garb allows the audience to experience what these characters are going through while also being able to apply it to modem times.