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(Re)Current Unrest

Bass Concert Hall & Online

Austin, TX

OCT 2020

Texas Performing Arts in collaboration with Fusebox Festival

Choreographer/Director: Charles O. Anderson

Director of Photography: Maggie M. Bailey

Scenic Design: Iman Corbani

Media Design: Michael Bruner

Lighting Design: Michelle Mann

Video Technical Director: Logan Smith

Costume Design: Katie Miller


"(Re)current Unrest is an evening-length immersive performance installation ‘ritual’ built on the sonic foundation of Steve Reich’s three earliest works: It’s Gonna Rain (parts 1 and 2), Come Out and Pendulum. This work, created over a two-year development period, utilizes movement, media and powerful imagery to meditate on the “American Dream” and Black nihilism, born of the current racially charged moment.

An investigation of legacy, authorship and the history of Black art and protest through the lens of the erasure of the Africanist presence in Reich’s compositions, (Re)current Unrest explores the kinesthetic state of unrest -  the condition of unease, discontent and social disturbance. This physical state of agitation represents “staying woke.” To stay woke refers to an intangible level of awareness about community issues and social justice." 

- Texas Performing Arts

I was the Video Technical Director on this production. Before coming to UT Austin to pursue my MFA, I was a Technical Director for freelance multi-cam shoots and for a television station. Compared to the theater, a technical director calls the camera shots with the camera operators and cuts between different camera angles live using a live video switcher. Cutting live and then streaming was not a new experience from working in live television but working with others who didn't have that experience proved to be a massive teaching experience for me. 

2020-10-17 19-25-39_Moment(6).jpg

Show Section - "Clapping Music"

Show Calling Timelapse

2020-10-17 19-25-39_Moment(2).jpg
2020-10-17 19-25-39_Moment(3).jpg
2020-10-17 19-25-39_Moment.jpg
2020-10-17 19-25-39_Moment(4).jpg
2020-10-17 19-25-39_Moment(5).jpg
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