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Not Omaha

UTNT 2020 - UT Lab Theater - Austin, TX

FEB 2020

Director: Lane Stanley

Media: Logan Smith

Scenery: Delena Bradley

Costume: Harold Horsley

Lighting: Sara Chaney

Photos: Logan Smith

This new work analyzes the symptoms of dementia in the form of the end of the world. As if the world is forgetting, a haze flows in from the distance and then swallows the world whole. This took utilizing Unreal Engine to recreate a parking lot outside of the children's bookstore the play is set in.

The concept of fading out the world took some creativity in design. Inspired by surreal photography and cosmic horror, we set out to create the world around the characters slowly fade away over the course of the story. 


Space restrictions and sharing the theater with another performance made for interesting challenges. one of the answers to these challenges was placing a short throw projector onstage that would hit the inner wall of the entrance and produce fascinating shadows from the actors onstage, heightening the characters ushering in the end of the world.

Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-14.jpg
Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-25.jpg
Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-54.jpg
Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-74.jpg
Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-80.jpg
Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-47.jpg
Not Omaha Show Photos_LoganSmith-10.jpg
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