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NKHS 4220


New York City, NY

& Washington D.C.

NOV 2020

Noiland Collective

Creative Director: Sven Ortel

Asst. Creative Director: Jesse Easdon

Scenic Design: Chris Conard

Realtime Graphics: Michael Bruner

Compositor: John Erickson

3D Modeling/Concept Artist: Logan Smith

Green Screen Studio: WINReality



"The mezzanine area of our spaces features "NHKS4220 Bar Illusion", a new media installation inspired by Edward Hopper's iconic painting from 1942, "Nighthawks", that utilizes innovative projection techniques to create a 3D hologram effect. An homage to the pivotal function of bars and diners in our society, NHKS4220 Bar Illusion brings Hopper's depiction of a downtown bar scene to life at a time perhaps equally infused by existential fears as the early 1940s when the United States had just entered WWII, and a feeling of anxiety and concern about the future was pervasive. The difference is that today, social gatherings at any place, particularly at bars, has become a pre-pandemic memory. During troubled times, bars are a place for solace, community, and conversation but due to health concerns, many of them are now closed and some may never reopen. NHKS4220 Bar Illusion plays out the scene in Nighthawks as a living moment, both in the past and present. Similarly the name is a play on the title of the original work as well as the creation years, 1942 and 2020 — bringing the past and present together."


I was brought on to create concept art, UV maps, and layout for the content to be viewed from a very specific angle. I created several mockups inside of Procreate and Photoshop giving the mockups both a realistic and painterly feeling like the reference painting. Utilizing Blender, I was able to texture paint in a perspective similar to the human eye and get an incredibly close approximate to how this could be viewed from that one point perspective in real live. The imagery was extremely warped, so having 3D software like Blender gave us the ablility to see how this would look like in the end.

NHKS4220 Image from ArtTecHouse_Modeling

Creation timelapse

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