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HEB Stock Checker

Experimental Storytelling

JAN 2020- APR 2020​

We were to take skills, learned in the software Blender and 8th wall web AR, and create a concept relating to the HEB #texanshelpingtexans campaign. Though a theoretical paper project, I wanted to do something practical while also utilizing the technology for it's quirky fun blending real life objects with digital reality. Inspired by the grocery store stock checker created by several students from Texas, I wanted to see if we could see exactly how much is left at the person's nearest HEB store simply by scanning the box the product came in. 

HEB final project.png

My example uses a Chai Tea box from HEB as an image target and then using 8th wall, a 3D model of a mug comes out of the box and is then followed by an animation showing how many boxes are left at the nearest HEB. As mine is only a concept, it simply shows what this could look like and is not fully functional. 

Mug rotating.gif
Showing 8th wall.png
HEB AR Concept.png

Try it for yourself!

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