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Eyes on the Sky Virtual Production

JAN 2021 - MAY 2021


Sven Ortel

Director, Script, Professor

Logan Smith

DP, Camera Operator, Virtual Scenic Designer, Environment Artist, System Engineering

Michael Bruner

Technical Artist, System Engineering, System Design, Unreal Operator, Tracking Integration

Chris Conard

Lighting Design, Asst. Virtual Scenic Design, Storyboarder, Gaffer

Mingxiang Ya

Costume Designer, Storyboarder

Zoey Crow

1st Asst. Director, Line Producer

Jackson Cobb

Editor, Lighting Programmer, Sound Engineer

Ben Randall

TouchDesigner Operator, Video Engineer, Content Creator, Realtime Effects: 

Bryan Guzman

Stand-in Talent, Production Asst.

Moriba Jah


Sarah Martin

Craft Services

Deepak Chetty

Virtual Production Consultant

Special Thanks

Keefe Boerner, Scott Bussey, Tao Li, Jesse Easdon, Matt Ragan,

Zoe Sandoval, Ian Shelanski, Earnest Mazique

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Virtual Production Video is Being Edited

Eyes on the Sky Virtual Production is a project where a group of digital artists came together and learned how to create a virtual production. Eyes on the Sky as a concept is a project started by Moriba Jah, Erin Reilly, Sven Ortel, and Deepak Chetty were they devised an experience that can personify the growing problem of near space junk left over by rockets, satellites, and other man made activity in space. The shoot was for a teaser trailer for prospective investors and the public, building excitement for a future installation experience.

On the project, I designed the virtual version of the dome, helped design multiple connecting systems for media to move from TouchDesigner, a lighting console, and Unreal Engine, and was the Director of Photography/Camera Operator for the production shoot.

Production Shoot Behind the Scenes

Eyes on the Sky: Sky Dome Design

The other half of the production for me was designing the dome that would be placed in the virtual space but was also purposefully designed to be realistically fabricated in the future with correct heights, door sizes, ramp sizes, and realistic fixtures. Working with Chris Conard, Jackson Cobb, and Ben Randall, we devised a shape that would eventually become the sky dome. Though the Sky Dome was designed in 3D for a virtual production inside of Unreal Engine, the design is functional and can be built in real life with an array of theatrical tricks like unistrut for the structural elements, and projection screens.

Dome Exterior Blender Render

Dome V4 Render top

Dome Interior Blender Render

EOTS Dome_v5_30mm Interior View.png
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