Stuck at a Stoplight

Music Video

March 2021

Director/Storyboarding: Lindsey Rae Thurston

Editor/Camera/Storyboarding: Logan Smith

Director of Photography: John Erickson

Writer: Dan Hartman

Fantasy Lighting: Ron Collins

Wardrobe/Continuity: Nanette Acosta

Stuck at a Stoplight is a song by the band Finger Pistol here in Austin, TX. Lindsey Rae Thurston had made a suit for the lead singer and wanted to produce a night of music where Finger Pistol would play and the suit would have its debut. Then, Covid happened. To pivot, Lindsey convinced Dan, the lead singer, and the band to have her, John, and I produce a music video for them. This is the result.

For this project, I ran camera using a Sony a7iii DSLR and then edited the film when completed. Filming took 4 nights in 3 locations, a parking lot, a stoplight, and a stage at Sam's Towne Point. For 3 of the nights, it was Dan and us three with minimal equipment filming using the DP's truck as the stand in for this sorrowful songwriter. The fantasy sequence involved the entire band at Sam's Towne Point with creative lighting that contrasts the red of the stoplight in the pickup truck.

Behind the Scenes Photos